A recent study conducted by Juniper research into the field of mobile Casinos has shown that over 1 million people will be active mobile gamblers within the next five years. Furthermore, the study has shown that there is estimated to be more than 160 million people throughout the world who will be betting via their mobile devices by as soon as 2018.

This study just goes to show how much potential there is within this industry, even in areas such as the United States, where online gambling has taken a big hit in recent years due to regulations preventing the establishment of online casinos in many states through the country. If the experts are right, however, this is set to change, and quickly over the course of the next few years.

People Interested In Casino Mobile Gambling


According to the experts, one of the factors that will play a big role in the increase in the mobile gambling market within the U.S. is the regulation changes that are taking place within the United States at the moment. While online casinos were banned for many years, some of the first mobile sites are said to open up over the course of the next few years and the experts believe that this will actually accelerate growth within this field as soon as this is accomplished. It only takes a few states to legalize online gaming for many others to follow suit, and this is exactly what the professionals within this field are hoping for.

This is not all, however, since according to a study that was conducted prior to the Juniper Research, it is believed that by about 2017, the revenue collected by the mobile gaming industry will exceed the $100 billion mark. This is enough money to pique anyone’s interest, and it most certainly has casino moguls vying for a piece of this pie.


Those with the most stake in the matter, the online gaming providers, have spoken out about this study recently, saying that the world of online betting is an exciting one that is full of potential. As one spokesman recently stated, they have waited a long time to be on the cusp of such a lucrative market and that time has just arrived.

They place a lot of emphasis on the software that is behind these mobile casinos, stating that the more advanced they become, the more appealing they will be to the general public. This is not only because the games become all the more exciting with technological advancements; it is also because it becomes easier to access these casinos via smartphones and mobile devices. This basically means that the better the technology becomes, the more popular mobile gaming will become, and this makes it all the more appealing.