Online gambling has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. It has continually innovated and kept track of trends to remain competitive. This pattern has only increased with the advent of mobile gaming. Now, providers are actively targeting mobile gamers who are increasing their market share year on year. We’re taking a look at how the gambling industry online came to prominence and how it continues to thrive.

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The internet, although initially developed in the late 80s, only started to come to prominence in the mid-nineties. As soon as the technology became widely available gambling started making its way online. Microgaming was the team behind the first gambling software, when it made its debut online in Antigua back in 1995. Granted, the sites were nowhere near as sophisticated as the ones you see today. Searching for new bingo sites would have produced a few rudimentary prototypes. However, as technological innovations were made bingo sites improved to bring them to the quality that we can currently see.
When we look at official statistics, it’s clear to see that since then gambling has taken off in a big way. The online gambling market is a hugely lucrative sector. The value has steadily increased year on year. In 2009, the sectors global value was calculated to be $24.73 billion dollars. By next year, it’s likely that this figure will have doubled. Experts have projected that by the end of the 2017, its value will have reached $50.65 billion which could rise to $56.05 billion by 2018.

Given the push towards mobile gaming, we may find that trends will change within the next few years as the industry begins to attract younger users. We need only look the hype surrounding Pokemon Go to see how games can take off hugely on these platforms. It is projected that in the US, the total percentage of the population who indulge in mobile gaming will reach 63.7% by 2019. Although not of all of these gamers will be involved in mobile gambling, a large proportion will be.

Security has always been an important consideration in any project which requires a money transfer. We don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that as a mobile security has increased, so has the number of mobile gamblers. Mobile devices are improving with every release, making them ideally suited to handle gaming. Larger, higher resolution screens are becoming industry standard to make gaming a far more enjoyable experience.

The gambling industry is going from strength to strength. It looks likely to growth even more in the coming years, with a specific push towards mobile platforms. With more mobile games, we can expect the sector to attract a younger demographic.

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